Medical bottle packaging analysis

Two days ago, we talked about beverage bottles and cosmetic bottles. One of the obvious features of this kind of packaging market is the rapid pace of packaging and new packaging changes. Today, we have to say that medical bottle packaging can be said that pha

Simple, environmentally friendly, the main trend of home accessories

Say goodbye to the exquisite and beautiful, home accessories should be with a simple, environmentally friendly and other mainstream keywords, entered a new era - the light age.

In the current home accessories market, both designers and manufacturers have turned their designs into si

Yantai Wanhua's 14.9 billion investment PO / acrylate project

Yantai Wanhua plans to invest 14.88 billion yuan to implement an integrated project of propylene oxide and acrylate. Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd. released an announcement today that, in order to support the relocation of the Yantai Wanhua old factory's isocyanate integration pr

The future development of butyl rubber plug industry

For various reasons, domestic butyl rubber plugs for pharmaceutical use still have some problems that cannot be avoided. For example, if the production companies are confused, there are still some shoddy, unlicensed, and price wars; some pharmaceutical manufact

Manual of human varicella zoster virus IgG (VZV-IgG) ELISA kit

Human Varicella-Zoster Virus IgG (VZV-IgG) ELISA Kit Instructions This reagent is for research use only: This kit is used to detect human serum and plasma varicella-zoster virus IgG (VZV-IgG) levels and infect human Hematological diagnosis. Experimental principle: This kit uses double antigen s

Xianghe furniture purchase guide

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