New trend of construction of cement sleeper mine track.

The cement sleepers are suitable for 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kg, 38kg, 43kg rails, with 600mm, 900mm, 762mm gauge for metal mines and 1435 gauge for railways. Explain how much the rail is and what the gauge is.

The advantages of cement sleepers

Precaution when ordering cement sleepers

The cement sleepers are divided into U-ring cement sleepers, bolt-pressed cement sleepers, and spring-fixed cement sleepers according to the installation method. The installation method is different and the dimensions are slightly different. Forget the majority

Germany Hettich ROTINA 420_420R Operating Instructions

German Hettich ROTINA 420 / ROTINA 420R operating instructions include-operating instructions-equipment maintenance and maintenance-troubleshooting and other materials are welcome to download. If you have any questions about use and maintenance, please call / email to contact us.

Lazy sister's mini attic smart layout transforms into a large and spacious space

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