Bovine serum albumin (component 5) 9048-46-9

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Allen Optics tells you how to choose a special CCD for microscope

Optical microscope imaging requirements are getting higher and higher, and the high requirements for CCD imaging equipment are also coming. In the face of many microscope-specific camera CCDs, it can be really overwhelming when buying. How to buy a CCD? What elements should we pay attentio

High and low temperature test chamber speed variation tolerance

The actual speed change of all pulse waveforms should be within ± 15% of their corresponding nominal pulse values. When the speed change of the high and low temperature test chamber is determined by the integration of the actual pulse, it should be integrated from 0.4D before the pulse

Meiyu season solid wood wardrobe moisture-proof full Raiders

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] China's middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, usually around the middle of June to the beginning of July, is the rainy season, it is this time period, in the wet weather, the wooden