What is dawn?


When the finished paper is left by the paper machine, after passing through the nip of the calender consisting of metal wheels, the thickness of the paper can be more even and the paper with smooth paper and higher de

Cellular Material Exchange ppt (E-Education Edition 9) Courseware

E-education Science Nine, "Substance Exchange of Cells," ppt 1. Structure of cell membrane 1. Exploratory activities: a brief history of cell membrane research (1) In 1895, Overton found that fat-soluble substances were more easily entered through cell membranes than non-fat-soluble s

CT-1 Infrared Quick Drying Instruction Manual

CT-1 infrared rapid drying oven


The maximum working temperature of the infrared rapid drying oven is about 150 degrees. It is suitable for processing such as baking, sterilization, drying, etc. It is also a standing instrument in the laboratory.


Human (IL-2) ELISA detection kit

Human Interleukin-2 (IL-2) ELISA detection kit Use: Human IL-2 ELISA kit is used for in vitro quantitative detection of cell supernatants and various body fluids in serum, plasma, tissue, buffer IL-2. This kit can detect natural and recombinant IL-2. This kit is designed for scientific research

There are dreams, who are travellers - Yi Sijia read the full text >>

Zhejiang Yisijia Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 after eighteen years of development, with its unique product development, design, production and sales capabilities to provide consumers with professional, comfortable, cost-effective outdoor leisure sportswear. Isacare out

Quickly detect hydrogen content in fuel

Hydrogen content in fuel is an important parameter of fuel, which determines the combustion characteristics of fuel. Oxford Instruments Oxford 4000, which complies with ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Substances, D3701-Aviation Turbine Engine Fuel), has been the most advanced m

Product instruction manual of human ELISA kit

1. Composition of human ELISA kit

1. Microtest Plates 96 wells 2. Enzyme Conjugate 12.0ml

3. Standard 5 x 1.0ml 4. Color Reagent A, Substrate A 6.0ml

5. Reagent B, Substrate B 6.0ml 6, Stop Solution 6.0ml

7. Concentrated washing solution (1:20) Rinsing Buffe

Eight skin rejuvenation programs enhance maintenance

Firming and smooth, crystal clear skin has always been the ultimate desire for skin care for every beauty, but as you age, the blood circulation of the skin will slow down, and the fat layer of the subcutaneous tissue will become slack and less elastic. Without proper care, the skin will ac

The Importance of IPPC Labeling on Wood Packaging

Recently, 10 batches of goods exported to Brazil in Ningbo have been notified by the Brazilian authorities because IPPC labels have not been applied to the wooden packaging. The goods involved are required to be returned for processing. To this end, the staff of t