Data information obtained from proofs

a. The information can be obtained from the gray ladder rule, and the normal transmission or reflection scale can be scanned normally to obtain the four-color film of gray ladder ruler C, M, Y and K, and the normal data proofing is performed on the gray scale

The characteristics of solventless composite technology

The solvent-free composite technology is based on the combination of solvents, the rising cost of organic solvents caused by the oil crisis of the 1970s, and the growing global environmental protection requirements.
In particular, as countries have increas

Different shapes of shampoo bottles, different shortcomings

Historically, people are no strangers to shampoo bottles. The shampoo bottles on the market today are nothing more than two. One is to use pressing down to squeeze shampoo. Another is to squeeze out the shampoo by hand squeezing the bottle.

Carving knife

The so-called engraving knives, as the name suggests, are a kind of special knives often used by master craftsmen to sculpt various wooden, jade, stone and other materials. An excellent master must use his carving knives very skillfully. And the technique is superb.

Human anti-tartaric acid phosphatase 5b kit

Human anti-tartaric acid phosphatase 5b kit service commitment:

1. For non-disposable products, product quality reasons, improper use, non-human factor damage, non-third-party factors, etc. will be properly coordinated in a timely manner after receiving customer calls or written no