Science: Open the door to attack bacterial diseases

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have developed a sensitive new imaging technique that reveals some details of the structure of biofilms, thus opening up attacks such as cholera, lung infections in patients with cystic fibrosis and even chronic sinusitis A large numb

Research on the application scope of plastic gravure ink

Plastic gravure ink is mainly used in food packaging, salt packaging, cosmetics and daily necessities packaging, pharmaceutical packaging. Food packaging is mainly composed of compound printing inks, and some candy papers use surface printing inks; cooking packaging uses high temperature c

Classification of common closing faults

Closing failure is one of the most common failures in the printing process. No matter the size, simplicity or complexity, the failure is nothing more than three cases: sudden failure, natural failure, and artificial failure. These three situations, no matter which one, will cause trouble f

How to maintain the laboratory ultrapure water machine

How to maintain the laboratory ultrapure water machine First, let's briefly understand the laboratory ultrapure water machine. The tap water is pretreated by a precision filter element and an activated carbon filter element to filter particulate matter such as sediment and adsorb odors

Ingenious selection of color gamut space and color mode conversion

What is the color gamut space? What's the point of figuring out the color gamut space?

A: We edit images in RGB, CMYK and Lab. The essential difference is that we work in different color gamut spaces. Color gamut refers to the range of colors that can be expressed by a certain

On the printing color sequence of different printing machines

[Summary]: [Experience] University Questions in Printing: Arrangement of Color Order

[Extended]: 14 principles that need attention when arranging printing color sequence

[Extended]: How to arrange the printing color sequence of four-color machine?

[Extended]: Analys

Manual of Pentameric-3 (PTX3) ELISA kit

Manual of Pentameric-3 (PTX3) ELISA kit

This reagent is for research purpose only: this kit is used to determine the content of Pentameric-3 (PTX3) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. High-quality ELISA kit supplier, excellent quality, perfect after-sales. For more i

Several different polishing methods for post-press processing

Varnishing includes comprehensive varnishing, partial varnishing, gloss varnishing, matte (matting) varnishing, and special coating varnishing.

A. Press the relationship between glazing machine and printing machine

According to the relationship between glazing machine and p

How to use CTP for printing companies with low profits

Computer direct plate-making not only saves the negative film output project, but also reduces the troubles of negative film materials and their development and recovery of fixing solution. But on the other hand, the equipment price of the CTP plate output machine is very high, ranging fro