Application of Digital Workflow in Hualian Printing

In the field of printing production today, the application of digital information processing and computer control technology has been extensively deepened. Contact the overall concept of pre-press, printing and post-press-"Digital Workflow" is to integrate the above three differe

Skills of drawing output in AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a powerful drawing software, and the drawn graphics are widely used in many fields. At this time, we need to output graphics in different ways according to different uses. Below I will introduce to you several techniques of AutoCAD output.

1. Export AutoCAD graphics as i

Printed sheet, paper speed calculation table

The number of sheets of paper used for printing sheets The number of sheets of paper used for printing 32 sheets of 16 sheets 1 sheet of sheet folio 1 sheet of 16 sheets of 8 sheets 1 sheet of folio sheet 1 sheet of 32 sheets of 8 sheets 0.5 sheets of sheets 4 sheets of 1 sheet of 16 sheets of

The principle of using UV ink

UV ink is an environmentally friendly ink that has developed rapidly in recent years. It quickly captures the market with instant curing (drying), no volatile solvents, and simple and convenient application. UV inks include UV frosting, UV ice, UV foam, UV Special packaging inks such as wr

Talk about the performance and use of reel newsprint

Reel newsprint is special paper for newspaper printing, commonly known as white paper. It is mainly used for newspapers, periodicals and mass printing in relief printing, and the general printed matter with short service life. Because it is rewinded into a cylindrical shape after being cop

Offset brake and adjustment method

Offset presses have various types of brakes. According to their functions, they can be divided into three categories: positioning, limit, and protection. They are absolutely stationary and relatively stationary. In general, they appear in pairs and have brakes. The screws are us

Troubleshoot ink stick

The aging of the equipment makes many printing faults also appear on the original high-precision Heidelberg offset press, especially after the domestic parts replace the imported parts, the fault phenomenon is particularly obvious. When using Heidelberg's 102V (started in 1986) and 102

Designers should understand screen printing

There are often conversations between designers and printing houses about who is right and who is wrong. In many cases, the production department believes that "as long as the designers change the method, they can print better." But the designers retorted: "I don't know