Marketing "myopia" in corporate pricing

If you can remove myopia and think about it from the perspective of the customer, then many of the thinking obstacles in pricing can be broken, for example: "One price is more expensive." The customer pursues the value, the enterprise pays attention to the pri

Antibacterial food packaging film

In the face of an endless stream of security problems, the current social consumer has become the most concerned issue for food safety and food quality. In order to solve the problem of rot and deterioration of foods caused by factors such as physical, biochemi

[Cycling Class]: Correctly breathe and regulate your oxygen supply ability

Before I heard XX complained: "I am not tired when I climb my legs, I can't breathe..." Actually, most cyclists are not overwhelmed, but the lack of oxygen in breathing and the loss of muscle Oxygen levels cause symptoms such as dizziness, dry mouth, and sweating in the slope

How to repair the wooden door depression?

How to repair the wooden door depression?

Q: During the renovation, my family's wooden door was repeatedly hit by workers, and there were many dents of different sizes. Some dents can even see logs. How can I repair the paint on the wooden door recess and th

Anti-counterfeit password lock cap protects Moutai wine

Recently, the reporter was informed that in order to prevent possible counterfeit and shoddy behaviors from causing adverse effects on Maotai wine products and effectively protecting the rights and interests of consumers, Maotai Wine Company has introduced the patented anti-counterfeit technolo

Research on multi-application smart card based on web technology

1 Introduction

With the rapid development of chip technology, smart cards, as an emerging application platform, have been widely used in many fields. The emergence of smart cards is a composite technology achievement of multidisciplinary technologies such as microelectronics, compu

Leju knowledge corner of the parquet

Solid wood composite flooring is made by cutting high-quality solid wood into surface plates, core plates and bottom plates. Then, according to the mechanical principle of different kinds of materials, the three single pieces are arranged according to the longitudinal,

A PET bottle that has been carefully researched

Campbell Soup customized a hot-filled PET bottle at Amcor PET Packaging to improve its 12-ounce V8 and V8 V-Fusion juice line. Jina Sohn, brand manager of Campbell Soup Company, said that through cooperation with Coca Cola, we made this business opportunity possible. Outside of business hours,

Causes and Treatment of Surface Cracks in Corrugating Rolls

The main production equipment of the carton factory is a single-sided machine, and the heart part of the single-sided machine is a corrugating roller. However, the problem of corrugating roll cracks has been plaguing manufacturers and users. In particular, it i

Introduction to the knowledge corner

The wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate. Generally, the openwork relief can be adapted. The planing surface is smooth, the string pattern is beautiful, and the pattern of “chicken wing wood” is one of the main furnitu