Digital Printing's Postpress Methods and Technical Points

A few years ago, digital printing was still a new thing, and there was still a long way to go from commercial production. There was indeed a big gap between the quality of digital printing and people's requirements, and the production efficiency was also ve

How to avoid exchange rate risk in toy exports

In an interview with toy companies, we learned that the renminbi has appreciated slowly over the past year, which has had a certain impact on the export-oriented toy industry. How can toy manufacturers reduce the economic losses caused by the appreciation of the renminbi?

Fang Hengx

Narrow web offset (bottom)

Offset printing provides another printing effect for manufacturers and their customers to evaluate and select. This process differs from flexo printing in that print quality is often useful in an image-oriented industry.

There are two types of w

China's ink environmental protection process

The ink industry in China is developing rapidly. Production continued to grow. In the first 11 months of 2005, China’s ink production reached 265,000 tons, an increase of 13.6% year-on-year, close to the 2004 annual output; product varieties continue to

US Blue Lake uses PLA eco bottle packaging juice

Blue Lake Citrus Products in Winter Haven, Florida became the first company in the United States to supply bottled all-natural organic juice drinks. The bottle is made from NatureWorks(R) PLA resin. This kind of packaging that Blue Lake calls "ecological b

High-grade cosmetic packaging printing pearl effect

Most cosmetics are high value-added consumer goods. The appearance of the product has a great influence on the psychology of the purchaser. Therefore, cosmetics manufacturers usually make cosmetic packaging very beautiful and thought-provoking. Of course, this

Study on Tackifying Process of PET Bottle Recycling Material

Abstract The physical viscosity increasing and chemical viscosifying process of recycled PET bottles were studied. The results show that both of these processes can effectively increase the viscosity of recycled PET bottles. The mechanical properties of fire-re

Vapor-phase rust-proof heat shrinkable film

Type of Patent: Invention Patent Inventor: Li Yanming Applicant: Li Yanming Principal Applicant Address: 255400 Minhang Village, Xindian Subdistrict Office, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province Application No.8
Application Date: 2004.12.24