Recycling and Recycling of Packaging Materials in Developed Countries

Developed countries in foreign countries attach great importance to the reuse of packaging materials, that is, re-resources, which not only solve the major problems of environmental pollution, but also save the resources of packaging materials, and can produce rem

TrekSta Spire XCR M Test Report

The equipment I tested this time was the Spire XCR M shoes of Korean outdoor brand TrekSta. XCR means the waterproof and breathable material used, and M means the men's wear. After I got the product, my first reaction was to search the relevant information on the Internet, but unfortun

Dalim Mistral of Dalim Software

This product marks the innovation of project management and process control technology for print production. Its main technical innovation content: the preparation of network-based print media preparation; the establishment and optimization of processes between

Green packaging in the design of flexible packaging

Human society has undergone a process of complete industrialization for more than 100 years. It seems that the field of industrial design has emerged as a scene of prosperity and stability, and at the same time it is continuously renewing and developing. Howeve

Label thermal transfer printing commentary (on)

While digital on-demand printing is gradually beginning to move toward the market, the same thermal transfer technology with the same personalized characteristics as on-demand printing is also popular because it can print color graphics to paper products, etc. acc

New technology opens the door to daily chemical packaging

P&G has increased the flexibility of the equipment through new servo technology, increased the production capacity and made better use of equipment assets.

A new toothpaste infusion line from Project Front Door has been running at Gross Gerau since

Plastic Bottle Structure Packing - Lubricating Oil Packing (2)

10.2 Explaining Operation Process

Because the packaging uses stencil printing, film separation is needed to make the film. To ensure the printing accuracy and printing effect, designing the layout in the CorelDRAW 12 software is in compliance

Reinforced plastic film stretching device

The stretched plastic film stretching device has two stretching stations and the stretching process can be adjusted, including a first stretching machine, a second stretching machine, a preheating machine, and a stereotype that can adjust the str

Packaging system makes it easy to take butter home

Recently, when Unilever Best Foods Foods selected a packaging equipment supplier for its Becel pro.activ margarine spread product, it put forward the requirement of a solution to “combine the boxing equipment with the automatic product feed system”.

New Software Support Tension Controller

The WebHandler 3D Film Tension Controller is a product supported by Dover Flexo Electronics and supported by Ela's new software. The controller can be set up, calibrated, and operated remotely via an easy-to-use interface or a series of windows-supported inter

Screen printing ink performance solution - light resistance

11. Lightfastness.

It refers to a property that the ink blot is stable under the illumination of the eye. It depends on the lightfastness of the pigment, the thickness of the ink layer, the properties of the binder and the filler. Packagi