Hard PVC adhesive formula


Component dosage /g component dosage /g
Polyvinyl chloride resin 20 Tetrachlorofuran 40
Dibutyl Phthalate 4~5 Cyclohexanone 40

Preparation and curing Weigh in order and mix well. It was cured at a pressure of 0.02 MPa and 2

Type of paper

According to the "Chinese Paper Yearbook" (1986), domestic machine-made paper and board are divided into 6 categories, about 544 varieties.

1. Printing paper and cardboard. Including newsprint, gravure printing paper, thin letterpress paper, s

Self-adhesive label using common fault analysis

It is believed that the vast majority of people were still unfamiliar with sticker labels 20 years ago, but today we use self-adhesive labels on the packaging of various commodities in our lives. It can be said that adhesive labels have been increasingly used i

Luminous ink preparation and use

Luminous ink is a mixture of luminous pigment and common ink. After absorbing sunlight or natural light for a certain period of time, it can keep shining in the dark for more than a few hours. With high heat resistance and abrasion resistance, it is suitable fo

SYB-IIIS Ultra-clean automatic liquid packaging machine

This device is a fully automatic liquid packaging machine specially developed for the current pasteurized milk which is seriously contaminated at this stage of packaging. In addition to automatic bag making, filling, metering, sealing, date printing, photoelect

Batiking in garment printing process

Batik, also known as wax dyeing, was called “waxy” in ancient times and is one of the folk traditional hand-printing techniques in China. The first is to use a soluble wax to draw a fine pattern on the cloth, and then use it to dye it. After waxing