Application of SICPA water-based flexo ink

It is estimated that the total global packaging market (including printing, materials, and processing) is approximately 395 billion U.S. dollars, and it grows at a rate of nearly 6-10% every year. The latest figures show the share of various printing processes

Mengniu carton preprinted solutions

The carton pre-printing is the use of the unit gravure printing machine to print the pattern on the web, and then the printed web is used as the tissue paper, and the corrugated cardboard production line is compounded with the corrugated board, after the comput

Japan Horizon BQ-270 Automatic Binder

   Beijing Jiahe Dingxin Electronics Co., Ltd. will exhibit the Japan Horizon BQ-270 automatic gluebinder at this All In Print exhibition. The machine has the follo

Common Printing Methods Principles and Process Overview (5)

Special printing

The so-called printing usually refers to the printing of books, newspapers, pictures, posters, advertisements, and packaging materials. Most of them are printed on paper, there are printing plates in the printing proces

Metal plate waterless offset printing technology

Sheet metal waterless offset printing is a lithographic offset printing method that uses special silicone rubber-coated printing plates and inks, and does not require isopropyl alcohol or other chemical dampening solutions that are necessary in conventional lit

Corrugated carton packaging printing (3)

2 kinds of special printing box way

2.1 Plastic Gravure Composite Carton Process
When a single-faced corrugated production line is used, if a glossy film needs to be applied after the printing of the facing paper and the production

Talking about packaging design

In today's society, the status and role of commodity packaging in sales activities is increasingly eye-catching, packaging makes corporate goods colorful, attractive, and surveys show that 63% of consumers decide to purchase according to the packaging and d

UV plastic printing adhesion

The uv ink printing or uv coating on the surface of plastic substrates has become increasingly popular, and this is a challenging task. Plastic printing materials have been used in the printing industry for decades. With the popularity of uv inks/lacquers, uv ink

Elimination of static electricity during offset printing

In the offset printing production, static electricity has always been a headache for operators. Due to the different design and production conditions of each unit's plant. There are various emergency methods for the prevention and elimination of static elec

Material Factors Affecting Overlay Printing Accuracy

The publishing of newspapers in our country has made great progress in recent years, and the proportion of color newspapers has greatly increased every year. At present, most color newspaper printing uses imported rotary presses, greatly improving the printing

F35/F35HC air suction fence folding machine

The model is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, and smart in combination; strong and elastic pressure mechanism to prevent card machine; helical gear transmission, smooth and high speed; air-supply Feida paper feeding; folding speed up to 30,