Multifunctional stopper

Patent Name Multifunctional bottle stopper Patent applicant Cao Yunlong Principal applicant Address 321035 Jinhua City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province Xiaohua Development Zone Jinhua Xingda Machinery Co., Ltd. Inventor Cao Yunlong Application (Patent) No. 20041001

For packaging of disinfected items or items to be disinfected

[Abstract] The package (1) includes a box (3) for containing sterilized or to-be-sterilized articles (2) and a cover sheet (4) made of a selective anti-permeation material, the cover sheet being fixed to the box (3) It is sealed to prevent it from penetrating. The

Spatial Consciousness in Sales Packaging Design (2)

Tianyuan place of space view

Tianyuan is a kind of understanding of the shape of heaven and earth in ancient China. This kind of understanding has a long history and deep roots. During the two millennia from the Qin and Han Dynasties to

Talking about the classification of stoves in the field--Read more>>

The designs of field stoves are very diverse. They can be divided into gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, and solid fuels, or they can be distinguished by vertical and split type, or they can be classified as general field or climbing grades.

Classification of stoves

1) Classified b

Omite launches new Holo-foil king holographic foil device

OMIT introduced the new Holo-foil king holographic foil device, which can be stacked up to 6 holographic label rolls, with independent step and foil-saving technology, running on Varyflex presses (with 420, 520, 670 mm width, etc. specifications ), The print cylin

Green feeding harvester bagging and packing device

【Abstracts】 The present invention provides a bagging and packing device for a green feeding machine, characterized in that it includes a chassis, a center contact plate, a vertical shaft tube, a bagging turntable assembly and a horizontal shaft fixed

For display packaging of items such as eggs

[Abstracts] The present invention relates to a display and dispensing package assembly for use in fragile items, particularly eggs, including a base (2) that at least partially cooperates with the outer profile of the article located within the package, and a l

An all-in-one machine with twin-roller plate printing

The utility model relates to a mimeograph which has the dual functions of platemaking and printing. The mimeograph comprises a machine body which is composed of the machine, a power transmission mechanism, a control mechanism, a paper inlet and outlet mechanism, a

NJM/CLI Launches RFID Integrated 400 System

NJM/CLI has launched an RFID integrated 400 system that can quickly, reliably encode, verify and label RFID tags, up to 30 cases or boxes per minute.

The company combined Zebra's RFID printers and verification scanners with the company's 400 pri

Honey-well Introduces Aegis OC Nylon Resin

Honey-well introduced an Aegis OC nylon resin for plastic bottles containing nano-sized chemically-active organic O2 scavengers and clay nanoparticles. Sandwiching this nanocomposite material between PET layers can produce lightweight plastic bottles that can isol