Injection polymer

The present invention relates to the use of LLDPE prepared using a single site catalyst, such as the use of metallocene-produced LLDPE (m-LLDPE) for the injection molding of food packaging materials, especially food container seals. Such materials have been found

Frito-Lay 24 Pack Bags

This compact package is easy to store and easy to open. It replaced the traditional shrink-wrapping corrugated board and reduced the weight by 85% compared to the original package. And it increased Frito-Lay’s sales by 300%.

Washing machine supporting bottle centering device

The utility model discloses a bottle support centering device for a bottle rinser, which has a supporting bottle body [3] and a supporting bottle holder [1] with an upper mouth of the supporting bottle body [3], characterized in that the supporting bottle body [ T

Interpretation of PUR Bookbinding Hot Melt (top)

He graduated from Wuhan Surveying and Mapping University in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in printing engineering. He graduated from Wuhan University in 2001 with a master's degree in print and communication and is currently working at Guangdong Vocatio

Eco-packaging design style and wave (below)

Packaging eco-design style and trends

Designers in the new century must face many new problems, how to use limited packaging resources and use recyclable materials to make various products, in order to reduce the use of disposable pac

Wrinkle removal equipment

Pearl's newly invented membrane expander is a product that works without membrane tension. The expander is tailor-made according to the customer's requirements. The height of the bow on the device can be adjusted by a knob. Since there are no moving par

The process of implementing variable data printing

The completion of a variable data printing job consists of six main steps: data preparation, graphic design, template creation, data consolidation, preflighting and printing.

Data preparation is the day-to-day work of the company. What needs to be mention

The use of bar code symbol original film precautions

Barcode symbol The original film refers to a precision-made negative film with a barcode symbol image for printing a barcode symbol that conforms to the standard. According to whether the light and dark parts of the original bar code of the bar code symbol are