New multifunctional anti-fake packaging

In recent years, researchers have intensified their efforts in the development of packaging machinery and equipment. A group of new-type anti-counterfeit packaging automatic labeling machines with unique functions have come to the fore and have been favored by

Measure Screen Printing Quality Control Based on Main Variables (1)

Although many printing companies have begun to implement data management and standardized production management and achieved certain results, the quality control status of the screen printing industry has not changed in an essential way, especially for companie

IJR, Inc Anti-Theft Thief New Packaging

Ben Wang compiled reports: Ink cartridge remanufacturing IJR, Inc., purchased only one machine, it makes its packaging automation, reducing the theft losses, and this has confused its customers, vendors for a long time.

IJR, Inc., is a

Analysis of the Key Problems of Screen Exposure Quality (I)

In order to obtain the ideal screen printing product, exposure (stencil printing) is an extremely important process in the photosensitive screen manufacturing process. How to effectively control the exposure during the printing process is the most critical step

10 kinds of fresh-keeping technology for fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are fresh foods, which are perishable after harvesting. In order to extend the preservation period, researchers from various countries have invented a variety of fresh-keeping techniques.

1. Fresh-keeping carton This is a new carto

Italy invents new plastic food packaging

Basil is one of the main spices used in Italian food. It may become a powerful weapon against food bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria in the future.

A company in Italy has invented a new type of plastic food packaging for prolonging the shelf life of

Benefits of GPS for Outdoor Sports Read Full Article >>

As the best tool for field positioning, GPS has a wide range of applications in outdoor sports and can be seen more and more frequently in China. GPS is not like a radio. It can be used when it is turned on. It is more like a camera. You need some skills. Now I will talk about some of my G

Application Analysis of Paper Packaging Screen Printing Technology

Screen printing is characterized by rich colors, with a special three-dimensional effect, screen printing paper packaging products are various types of self-adhesive labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, high-grade cigarettes, wine, cosmetics and nutritional pack