Packaging Information and Packaging Design (2)

The expression of packaging information is related to its use and its carrier, but its main expressions are text, symbols, numbers, patterns, and so on.
In the modern logistics environment, packaging information has become an important basic component of its

Waste Paper Utilization Status and Suggestions

The use and disposal of waste paper in China in the 1970s was carried out by simple cooking, sizing, beating, and washing, and then used for copying or copying toilet paper and low-grade boxboard. By the 1980s, the recycling rate of waste paper had reached around

Corrugated box production status and development

I. Overview of Corrugated Paper Production in China During the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” period, in order to meet the market demand for medium-to-high-end carton carton, China’s production of carton machinery and carton printing equipment has made

Status and trends of the label market

The self-adhesive label market is currently growing rapidly at a rate of 10% per year, which has almost exceeded the development of the adhesive label market. At the same time, holographic printing labels, stickers, and thermal stickers are also growing.
A sm

Cosmetic industry hotspot

With the development of fine chemicals, biological sciences, materials science and the application of CAD in packaging design, and the deepening of cell science in dermatology, the cosmetics industry is rapidly progressing in depth and breadth, and will become a t

New Thermal Stabilizer Fills Domestic Blank

The organic tin heat stabilizer LM818 produced by Shandong Liming Plastics Additives Co., Ltd. has passed the provincial quality appraisal presided over by the Tai’an Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. The quality of the product has reached the level

Cosmetics process and equipment packaging

Cosmetics as a fashion product, its direction of development is increasingly inclined to natural, curative and versatile. Taking science and technology as the guide, adopting new technology and new equipment to rapidly introduce new products is a major trend in th

Packaging and Service

To realize packaging, we must use dialectical unity and development thinking. While seeing its own positive role, we should further deepen its influence on society and the environment, expand its service function, and maximize To reduce the unfavorable factors tha

Green packaging (on)

"Green Packaging", as the popular term for environmentally friendly packaging materials and products, is being accepted by the majority of users, but there are also many misunderstandings in practice. To develop "green packaging" and reduce the

Because the mountain is there

On May 29th, more than 500 climbers from all over the world who once successfully climbed Mount Everest gathered in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the successful climb of Everest.

At 11:30 a.m. on May 29, 1953, Hillary Hilary of New Zealand and