Apparatus, apparatus, and method for producing a packag…

【Name】 Device, Apparatus, and Method for Producing Packages from Flexible Sheets and for Filling the Packages with Powdered or Non-Powdered Products 【Applicant】 Jackie Fanciniggem; Benoas Kestleut; Roger Deldale; Davide Platt; Davide Xiaomei [Inventor] Jackie Vansiglgegem-----

Hard PVC adhesive formula

formula Component dosage /g component dosage /g Polyvinyl chloride resin 20 Tetrachlorofuran 40 Dibutyl Phthalate 4~5 Cyclohexanone 40 Preparation and curing Weigh in order and mix well. It was cured at a pressure of 0.02 MPa and 20°C for 8 hours. Use The glue is mainly used for bonding ri-----

Type of paper

According to the "Chinese Paper Yearbook" (1986), domestic machine-made paper and board are divided into 6 categories, about 544 varieties. 1. Printing paper and cardboard. Including newsprint, gravure printing paper, thin letterpress paper, single-sided offset printing paper, offset pr-----

Self-adhesive label using common fault analysis

It is believed that the vast majority of people were still unfamiliar with sticker labels 20 years ago, but today we use self-adhesive labels on the packaging of various commodities in our lives. It can be said that adhesive labels have been increasingly used in medicine, daily chemical, clothing,-----

Luminous ink preparation and use

Luminous ink is a mixture of luminous pigment and common ink. After absorbing sunlight or natural light for a certain period of time, it can keep shining in the dark for more than a few hours. With high heat resistance and abrasion resistance, it is suitable for various paper, textile, wood, plast-----