Plant Vitamin C (VC) ELISA Kit Instructions

The company specializes in supplying Elisa kits, quality assurance, price concessions, and can provide free testing services, please call to consult! This kit can only be used for scientific research, not for medical diagnosis. Quantitative Test Kit for Plant Vitamin C (VC) (ELISA) user's G-----

Teach you how to detect qualified packaging paper

Acceptance of paper outer packaging Lithographic Paper Packaging currently uses two basic forms: wooden plywood packaging and wooden box packaging. Qualified lithographic paper generally has more than two layers of wrapping paper in its appearance and packaging, and then is packed with wooden b-----

Instruction manual for zeatin riboside (ZR) ELISA kit

This kit is for in vitro research use only, not for clinical diagnosis! Intended application Quantitative determination of ZR content in plant tissues, cells or other related samples by ELISA. Experimental principle Microporous plates are coated with purified ZR antibody to make a solid-phase c-----