Vapor-phase rust-proof heat shrinkable film

Type of Patent: Invention Patent Inventor: Li Yanming Applicant: Li Yanming Principal Applicant Address: 255400 Minhang Village, Xindian Subdistrict Office, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province Application No.8 Application Date: 2004.12.24 Auditing Announcement No.: 1796449 Auditing Ann-----

Automatic multicolor screen printing machine

Shenzhen Zhaoxing Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a large-scale automatic multi-color screen printing machine at the 2006 China International Screen Printing and Billboard Industry Exhibition, which aroused widespread concern in the industry. This machine eliminates the problems that -----

High-grade packaging special glossy printing

In recent years, consumers have no longer made the discerning eyes of consumers spurned by some of the golden, bright, elegant, unpredictable, and jewellery shells that began to increase the demand for beauty. The glossy glossy high-end printing and packaging that attract and intoxicate and inspir-----

New alcohol-soluble ink green

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the market of plastic gravure inks has continued to climb. At present, China's printed plastic film, gravure has other unique incomparable printing, is very popular within the industry, are generally optimistic abou-----

Color saturation of packaging prints

How to match saturation is an important part of color processing, and the timeliness and packaging products are particularly emphasized on the degree of saturation of the color, to an excessive extent, so that the color has a strong visual impact, in order to satisfy the viewer's appreciation -----